Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your Favorite Video Game

There must be a million World of Warcraft blogs out there. Some of them are quite good. Others are downright drivel. But there are also another million games out there that don't have quite so many blogs.

Which of these games is your favorite? Which of these games keeps you up late at night when your wife would rather that you were sleeping?

What is your favorite part of the game? Do you know any cheats or shortcuts? Any hints, tips, or have you written any notes about the game of importance?

Then write up you blog. Post it for the world to read and let us enjoy it. Maybe it is some little known game from yesteryear. Or perhaps it is the latest and greatest in console technology. Whatever it is, share it with us. I'm sure someone out there will be interested to hear.


  1. Actually, I've dwelled on this a bit since I last saw it a few weeks ago. I think I might just do it before long. Yep, it'll be an old Atari game (the 2600 was still the best console made).

  2. @The Hawg!

    Go for it. There is a lot of traffic in video games and a lot of games out there that need good blogs.

  3. Hmm but unfortunenately, I am not a [maniac] gamer. :)

    Just some times play Solitaire or Freecell for relaxation. :D

  4. Mine's up right here.

    Thanks for the idea and, of course, I linked back to you in my post.

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