Saturday, December 19, 2009


Most all of us have a hat or two lying around the house, but I know that there are some of you out there who really, really like your hats.

You have hats the like of which most of us never imagine. You have hats for each day of the week. You have a hat for each holiday and a hat for each birthday. And if you don't have one of these hats you wish you did.

Maybe you know more about hats than anyone you know. Maybe you know how to make hats. Maybe you have lots of pictures of hats from different times.

Share what you know with the rest of us. Tell us about your hats. Tell us what you like and don't like. Where do you shop? How do you know if a hat is a good hat or a bad hat? How do you make a hat? What is the proper name for each kind of hat? Share a picture of your favorite hat with us.

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